I have been working for some time on class proposals for the various art retreats next year. It is so hard to come up with something new! I really like teaching process classes – but finding new processes all of the time is a real challenge! So, mostly I have been trying to work with my usual processes but in a different way.

My fascination with Molding Paste continues! I just love stencilling with the stuff! In this collage, which I have proposed to Art Unraveled in Phoenix for next year, I have used the molding paste around vintage images. It is always a little “tricky” to make the molding paste and the photo look like they are unified, but I think that they really do merge well in this collage. And, while I usually do not work much with vintage images, I am rather fond of this piece- the layers stand out nicely over the canvas and the colors and images are working well!