Victor and I love our home. And we both love it when we get something “artistic” for it. So we are both thrilled with the new glass for the side light of our front door. I was invited to a friend’s sign painting shop to play with her sand blaster. (Thank you, Wendy!) I was trying to decide what in the world to “etch” when Victor reminded me that I had been wanting to do something with the glass in the front door. The sand blasting booth is not big enough for the glass in the front door, but I was able to do the three small windows in the side light. Not having very much time, I did some quick calligraphic marks with an Automatic pen. We then scanned it into a computer into a program that is designed for sign making. Once edited and cleaned up a bit the image was sent to the plotter which cut the mask. I then stuck the mask to the glass pieces. Then we put them into the booth and sand blasted them! It was really cool! We have the windows sort of “propped into” the frame. We now need to paint the door and the trim. But we are really happy with the way that they look – and they were FREE! The glass was actually scrap glass from our framing business. Can’t beat the price! Of course now we both want a sand blaster so that we can do the entire front door window and the rock out front and…. well, you know how the creative mind works!