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Layers on Layers

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on February 18th, 2009

Also in Portland at Collage was my Layers upon Layers class. In this class students built a collage on a stretched canvas. The canvas was covered with aluminum foil which was then painted to look something like “old metal”. Then molding paste was layer over the aluminum. Some students put images on the first layer coming out from under the pieces of aluminum foil. After the molding paste was applied, images were mounted onto binders board. Designs were stenciled in molding paste around the images. All of the molding paste was then painted. Some of the images were “antiqued” with a glaze made from fluid acrylics. The binders board with the images on were then glued to foam core and then glued to the canvas. In some cases, beads were hung from these dimensional layers. The collages done in the class were really striking and here are a few photos of them.

I will be teaching this same class in March at The Artist’s Nook in Northern Colorado. Hope to see you there!

Suzie collageChris K. Collage with Paris theme

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More teaching

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on February 17th, 2009

I taught a couple of weeks ago at Green Heron Book Arts in Forest Grove. One of the classes that I taught was “The Meander Book” . Students in this class painted tissue and layered it on boards to form small 5″ s 5″ collages. These small collages – 32 of them – were then assembled into a “Meander Book”. A fun, sculptural book which can be arrange in many different ways – ever changing art!

Aren't the colors wonderful?

Aren't the colors wonderful?

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Recent teaching

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on February 15th, 2009

I returned on Monday from a teaching trip to Portland. It was a joy, as always, to see my friends from Portland! My gracious hostess, Alesia Zorn was fun and always willing to help me shop creatively in this wonderful creative town!

One of the classes I taught at Collage was my Textured Journal Class. Students were amazed that they could build this book in three hours! They all did wonderful books, the depth of the color on the covers doesn’t show so well in the photos, but trust me, the colors were deep and rich and the textures just made you want to touch these beautiful books.

I will be teaching this class again next month in Bellvue, Colorado at The Artist’s Nook.

Come join us if you can! tex-journal-port-2tex-journal-portland1text-journal-port-3

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