I gave a presentation on brush lettering last night for the Michigan Association of Calligraphers. This was the Spring meeting for this association, my “home” guild. We only meet four times per year. It was fun to be the presenter, even though I was well aware that there were many people in the room who were probably better at brush lettering than I was! But the absolute coolest thing was the system that our prez, Diane Stum Fekete and programs chair , Gail McGuire came up with to project my demo onto the big screen.

They used a Video camera plugged into a digital projector. The camera took the picture and the projector projected it. Everyone in the room (approx. 40 people) could follow along with what I was doing at my table! It was pretty amazing as well as exciting for us as an organization. This means that we can have more lettering demos at meetings, because now everyone in the room can see what the person upfront is doing! I was “wowed” by the whole idea! Here is a pic of me lettering with Diane looking over my shoulder – making sure that I kept everything in “view” of the camera!

MAC Meeting March 2009