In October, my friend, Wendy C. invited a group of us to once again come to her sign shop and do some sand blasting. Without much available time to prepare, I went shopping at HomeGoods for something to blast. I found this beautiful vase there. Then I went to the studio and wrote the word “Inspire” several times with a Parallel Pen. I chose the one that I liked the best.

When I got to Wendy’s sign shop, she scanned the word into her computer and sent it to the “printer” that cut out the masking film. Then I applied the film to the vase and masked out the rest of the vase with other film. We put it in the booth of the sandblaster and blasted away.  Wendy cut two masks out so I was able to do both sides! I was surprised at how well it turned out!

I was pleased to win an award for it in the November exhibit for Michigan Association of Calligraphers!  It was great fun to do and I am looking forward to the next time Wnedy asks us back. I am planning a calligraphic fixture for over my dining room table!!! Close up of "Inspire" Full view of vase.