What I love about teaching is seeing the students take my techniques and apply them in their own unique way to their own Artwork.


This is a Gesso Technique on Muslin with Thread Calligraphy added. Artist: Nancy Kazlauckas

I taught last summer at Calligraphy Connection International Calligraphy Conference at St. John’s College in Minnesota. One of my students, Nancy Kazlauckas is a fabric artist. She does “Thread Calligraphy”. lettering with her Bernina sewing machine. She took the techniques from my “Glorious Papers” class and used them on canvas and muslin. Then she took them home and did her magic with “Thread Calligraphy”. Here is a photo of one of the pages of a book that she made. To see more go to: http://www.berninausablog.com/insp. Scroll to the December 30 entry by Nancy Kaziauckas – “Thread Callligraphy”. Thanks, Nancy for posting this!!!