WHEW! I have just redone my studio and, of course, it was a much bigger job than anticipated! Do you know how much stuff one has to move to paint a studio floor?

I have now had my hands on every single item in my studio. It was no small task, given that my studio is about 1000 sq. ft FILLED with stuff.

But I have reached a stage in my life where clutter is no longer acceptable to me. I’ve been de-cluttering the house for a couple of years but the studio was another whole story!

So how did I go about it?

I decided that I should approach designing the studio, very much like I would approach designing my kitchen (which I also did last year).

When I buy something for the kitchen it has a place to be stored. If I don’t have a place to store it away, I don’t buy it. So why do I tolerate stuff being out all over the surfaces in my studio?

Good question. I spent some time ruminating on that question. We use our kitchens for nurturing our family and friends. It is the center of our home life.

I am a full time artist. The studio is the center of my work life. Why should it not nurture me?

And that was the start of allowing myself to spend some money( and time) on some new shelves, paint and furniture. Nothing expensive. I already had some white laminate stuff from several years ago and I cleaned it up and bought some similar stuff at IKEA. I hired a plumber to put in a small bar sink in a 90″ stretch of kitchen cabinetry from IKEA. This cabinet unit holds all sorts of stuff. It has things like tea and coffee and sponges for cleaning. But it also houses trash bags, buckets, styro plates for palettes, rags and paper towels – just like the kitchen.

I purchased an electric kettle at
Costco and a coffee press. I can now fix myself a beverage without running upstairs.

The counter on the kitchen area is birch plywood that I “tissue papered” and then put a resin coating on. It’s awesome! And I put fun knobs on the white cabinetry.

The rest of my house is sort of a cross between contemporary and traditional furnishings. I like to think of it as quietly elegant. It is earthy and artsy but not “quirky”.

But I wanted “quirky” in the studio. I wanted it to be a bright expressive place.

I made it brighter by changing the beige walls to yellow. It had all been carpeted and I tore out the carpet. The floor is now lime green! Talk about bright. Oh, did I mention the fact that I rescued our old small refrigerator from the garage and painted it lime green?

It still need something, as does the floor, but the room, like all art is a work in progress.

Today was my first full work day in the new space. Space changed always sort of sap my creativity. But I made myself work in the new environment and I am going to like it, once I am fully used to where I have put everything!

And watch my website for class announcements – the new space includes a classroom! Classes should start in the Spring.

And, yes,I will post photos – just as soon as I figure out where I put the camera 😉