Choice by choice, moment by moment, I build the necklace of my day, stringing together the choices that form artful living.

Julia Cameron

Dear Fellow Artists & Friends,

Five hundred and seventy nine days are in my necklace strung together to make this artful life since we last encountered each other. Where has Jacqueline been? Lost in that new studio? Captured by found objects ? Encountering color, materials, embellishments and leading them onto canvas and paper perhaps?  Teaching around the country? Yes to all of these and MORE !

I decided to re-invigorate the business side of my studio practice in 2012. With the help of an old west coast friend we have succeeded in developing a work plan that incorporates researching and booking new teaching opportunities across the US and Canada, updating my artist biography and CV [artists resume], revising my website [a work still in progress!] exploring online teaching opportunities, educating myself about distance learning and the arts, reviewing and revising the 30 plus classes and workshops I have developed over the past 30 years. And we have done all of this separated by 3 time zones and 2,425 miles !

We are also planning on procuring an artist inventory database  – a much more challenging project than either of us anticipated. While we have identified about 10 database programs either written precisely for an artist or gallery inventory, it has been VERY challenging to obtain user feedback  on what works best, value for the cost, ease of use, tech support – well you get the picture. If anyone has had experience with an artist inventory database of your own design or purchased “off the shelf” would you be so kind as to share your thoughts with me and my readers ? You can comment directly to the blog community right here !

A most happy announcement in the midst of all this effort – my class Discovering the Magic of Acrylics has been selected by the Artists Network University to begin August 28. 2012. Registration is open now so please take a look and share with friends and fellow artists who might like to try the new world of distance art learning. How exciting it has been to create an online acrylic media class that will be available to artists of all levels world wide. Artists Network University produces on-line fine arts education from the publishers at North Light Books. My artist bio is on their site now under  “meet the instructors”  in the online art classes tab. Add your name to my mailing list to be certain of timely updates !  The Artists Network can be reached at And of course I would be most interested in hearing of YOUR experiences with online art and craft classes.

The most challenging project of all though has been to create time for my studio work. I seem to have a left brain – right brain thing going on that segregates my art business brain from the creative Imagineering artful brain. I’m am trying different strategies to ensure time for both because after all if I’m not in the studio creating then there is no business to promote.

How are you stringing together your days to make art and organize the more pragmatic parts of your busy life ?

As Julie Cameron says “choice by choice…..”  ~ this year I choose ME to make art and craft a vibrant business that allows me to share my creative endeavors with all of you !

Happy August !