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Thinking on Renoir & his glazes…..

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on December 15th, 2012

When teaching students how to paint, I encourage them to use “glazes” of color. So often, beginning students start with flat – full on color. This backs the painter into a corner really fast.  A few days ago, looking at the Impressionists exhibited in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts,  I was struck by how Renoir used glazing and the mixing of colors to define his landscapes.


 You can see it a bit in this photo of  “On the Shore of the Seine” [1879]. If we were just glancing at a shore,  we might just see what we know is there, blue water and green foliage. But, if you actually sit and study the view and empty your mind of what you “know” is there, you can see all of the colors that make up the scene.  And this photo doesn’t show all of the colors that Renoir used. If you view the actual painting you will see deep purples and oranges help make up these landscapes. They are breathtakingly beautiful.

To achieve this technically, I like to use Golden Fluid Acrylics. I like the Quinacridone colors because they are brilliant and pretty transparent, allowing one color to show through to the next, making deeply rich surfaces. When I get to the end of the painting, I often will layer PanPastels over the acrylics, they are still a bit translucent, but brilliant and less threatening to use than liquid paint, because you can erase them.

If you get a chance to look at some Renoir paintings in real life, don’t waste the opportunity.  His use of color and brush strokes are absolutely mesmerizing!

Postscript from J’s San Francisco friend chris  –>  On the Shore of the Seine was actually stolen 61 years ago from the Baltimore Museum of Art and amazingly it showed up in West Virginia 2 years ago when purchased at a flea market !  To make things more interesting – just before the masterpiece was set to be auctioned, an intrepid reporter from the Washington Post uncovered the loan and display record shown here ~ isn’t that a great index card full of terrific info ! So no auction until the FBI investigation is complete and ownership is authenticated.  I’d actually like to know more about one Mrs. Saidie A. May listed as the lender to the Baltimore Museum.  What a terrific evolving art mystery ……

On the shore of the Seine - loan record

Travel in your future ? These museums all have a Renoir or two…..

Musée d´Orsay – Paris

Tate Britain & Tate Modern – London

The Hermitage Museum – St. Petersburg, Russia

Clark Art Institute – Williamstown, MA   {note: the Clark is known to have one of the most important holdings of Renoir’s works}

Baltimore Museum of Art – Baltimore

Museum of Fine Arts – Boston
The Art Institute of Chicago

Cincinnati Art Museum – Ohio
Dallas Museum of Art
The Detroit Institute of Arts
Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Guggenheim Museum – New York City
The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City
MoMA – Museum of Modern Art – New York City
The Corcoran Gallery of Art – Washington, DC
The Phillips Collection – Washington, DC

J. Paul Getty Museum – LA


Impressionism & Fashion …… A very important collaboration between the Musee d’Orsay and Museums in the US has resulted in joint exhibitions for 2013. The work of Renoir, Monet, Degas as well as fashion of the time are included. If we hear of other US/Canadian cities to be added we will let you know.

Feb 19 – May 27, 2013 – NY Metropolitan Museum of Art

June 30 – Sept 22, 2013 – Art Institute of Chicago



Holiday Letter & the new DVD…..

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on December 8th, 2012

Lost your copy of Jacqueline’s most recent Studio Letter ? Filed it in some cyber folder that has disappeared ? Well here’s your link to the 2012 Holiday Studio Letter – http://eepurl.com/rVEXX The Holiday Letter has received so many compliments – thank you !!! – and is full of information on making some last minute holiday greeting cards, Jacqueline’s favorite resources and site for great card quotes. Looking for a last minute gift for the artist on your list ? The Studio Letter has links to Jacqueline’s beautiful hand colored silk scarves and DVD purchases.

We have had a wonderful reception for the new DVD — Mixed Media Textural Collage – see Nov 13 blog for purchase details. Thank you to everyone for being in the first group of purchasers.  Jacqueline is currently working on TWO more art workshop DVDs  ~ more on this later !

Jacqueline is finalizing her 2013 teaching calendar now – look for the full calendar to be available in the January 2013 Studio Letter and of course we will add the links, dates, workshops, and locations to the WORKSHOP website tab.

how can it be just 17 days till Christmas ???

chris in san fran for Jacqueline Sullivan



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— Abraham Maslow