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New Workshop

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on April 26th, 2013

This one is mostly Green Gold color made by Golden - it's an awesome color and looks great on this contemporary design!

This one is mostly Green Gold color made by Golden – it’s an awesome color and looks great on this contemporary design!

I taught earlier this month for the Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan. I have been playing for some time with all of my textural techniques on fabric. It is so much fun and I was very happy when this group asked me to come and teach them about what I was working on.

We just had a day and a half and it was a bit rushed because I wanted to teach them everything that I have discovered! We started off on the first day with an 18″ x 54″ inch piece of drill fabric that I though they could possible use as a table runner, once it was finished. On this fabric we stencilled and stamped with Golden’s Light Molding Paste. I’ve been working with this for some time and it is flexible enough to sew through. It dulls the sewing machine needle quickly, but I have used it as embellishments on purses and other pieces. I have put the purses with small pieces through the wash, but the larger table runners and pillow covers that I have used this technique on, I have just wiped off. I think that they would hand wash, but I’m not sure what a spin cycle would do to them.Once they finished with the molding paste, they painted it with Golden Fluid Acrylics mixed with GAC 900, which makes the Fluid acrylics into a fabric paint. They were all very different and as you can see from the photos – there was a LOT of awesome work being done!Once the acrylic paint was dry, I had them iron on my mixed media foil, This highlighted the textures and really brought these pieces of fabric to life!

We also worked with tissue, aluminum foil and gesso techniques – all on fabric! I am suing all of these techniques in small art quilts and as embellishments on my purses! If you have a quilt or fabric guild that would like a workshop working with acrylic textures on fabric – let me know! I am actively scheduling my 2014 workshops now!!

Awesome Colors!

Molding Paste on Drill Fabric

Here the paint was used thinner, allowing more of the white of the molding pate to show!

Here the paint was used thinner, allowing more of the white of the molding pate to show!


Stencilled Molding Paste

Stencilled Molding Paste

This is stamped with a wall stamp

White gesso over black. This is stamped with a wall stamp

Marks are made with a tile grout tool.

Marks are made with a tile grout tool.

More stamping with wall stamps.

More stamping with wall stamps.





New Sign-Up Form !!!

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on April 19th, 2013

Jacqueline’s site has a new form to quickly add you to her artist contact list. The new form “lives” under the MAILING LIST tab but you can also use this link

http://eepurl.com/ph3SL if you would like to share with your artist friends.

Subscribing to Jacqueline’s artist contact list provides you with a subscription to the Studio Letter  and information on upcoming workshops as well as other art news of interest. Rest assured your information will never be sold, rented or exchanged  to anyone for any reason.

Much appreciation to Jacqueline’s son John Sullivan in Boston for making this happen.

Jacqueline is teaching this weekend at Artiscape in Ohio, we are working on the next issue of the Studio Letter  and preparing a number of proposals for the 2014 teaching calendar ~ spring has apparently sprung @ Jacqueline Designs !

are your daffodils blooming yet ?

Chris in San Francisco for Jacqueline Sullivan



Jacqueline’s email sign-up form….

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on April 2nd, 2013

is on the fritz – when you attempt to sign-up to be on Jacqueline’s contact list don’t be surprised to see the infamous “404” error message !

Not to worry — use our gmail address –> jacquelinesullivandesigns@gmail.com

to provide us with your name, email address, state or country [we occasionally send information to specific areas of the country or world!]

thanks for your patience – we’ll let you know when we are up and rolling again

ALSO — you might want to check Jacqueline’s workshop tab again – we’ve updated with some additional programs and if you click on the name of the workshop you can see additional details including links to the sponsoring art organization and details of Jacqueline’s courses that will be presented !

chris in san francisco for Jacqueline

Jacqueline Sullivan is a teacher and mixed-media artist, with experience in graphic design, advertising and publications.

“Hurry ruins saints as well as artists. They want quick success, and they are in such a haste to get it that they cannot take the time to be true to themselves.” They do not take the time to pause and reflect, to go inward, to tend to their soul. There is something saint-like in the act of creating and tending to the needs of your soul.

— Thomas Merton