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Josef Albers & The Interaction of Color

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on May 26th, 2014


There are many wonderful resources available on the web related to Josef Albers and his very famous work on the interaction of color. Jacqueline discussed her “visit” with the Albers original 1963 edition in her May 2014 Studio Letter. We’ve collected many links to these resources as we prepared the Albers piece for the Studio Letter from video lectures at Yale, demonstrations of the new The Interaction of Color  iPad app, Albers exhibits and availability of his books and so much more. We’ve included these and many more below for you to read, view, save and share with other artists and lovers of color in your artful lives!

Josef Albers 50th anniversary edition – paperback

Josef Albers book from the Morgan Library Exhibit in 2012
Art as Experience: The Teaching Methods of a Bauhaus Master [2013] purchase info

The Josef & Ann Albers Foundation website has information on current and upcoming exhibits in the US and Europe, displays of representative works   http://albersfoundation.org/

If you will be traveling in Germany this year you might want to see Albers Museum which as been called  “a location for interaction with modern art” for more info = http://www.bottrop.de/en/culture/sp_auto_214.php


Yale University 3 minute youtube video on the 50th anniversary edition of Albers Interaction of Color as an iPad app http://youtu.be/H-hFOZ3XdIQ

Want to learn move about Josef Albers ? this 30 minute lecture from Yale University professor and painter Anoka Faruqee “Color in Context: Revisiting Albers” from October 2013. It is an incredibly interesting talk about color, Albers and his color influence. Also has excellent images of how the book has been also developed as an iPad app and reviews many of the “cut paper” Albers exercises


Yale’s iPad app is a free one time download on iTunes – and has many of the materials from the book allowing you to complete many of Albers student exercises in color; the complete version is only $13.99 and can also be gifted



Josef Albers books…….

Interaction of Color – 2013, 50th anniversary, paperback with 60 color studies; available brand new from Yale University Press, Amazon, local independent bookstores and Alibris

 Interaction of Color – 2009, 2 volume slip-cased hardcover replicating studies, color exercises, color plates from original 1963 edition; new copies still available on Amazon and Yale University Press


Interaction of Color – 2006, expanded edition, paperback  with 30 color plates; out of print but is available from online booksellers

Interaction of Color – 1975, Yale University Press, out of print but available from online book sellers such as Alibris http://www.alibris.com/Interaction-of-Color-Revised-Edition-Josef-Albers/book/26751807


Where can you see the original 1963 book ??

Crystal Bridges Library @ the Museum of American Art in Bentonville Arkansas – you can make an appointment to view this first edition treasure by calling the Crystal Bridges Library: 479-418-5700. option 7.

We would love to hear your stories of Albers influence on your life in color or if you have had the rare opportunity to see and study the 1963 edition.  Have you obtained and had occasion to use the iPad app yet ? Leave Jacqueline a comment and we’ll be happy to share with the Studio Letter community.

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The Dutch Artist’s 800 page color book from 1692

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on May 26th, 2014

By now, many have seen the images of a 1692 watercolor mixing book unknown to most of the art world for the better part of three centuries. The Dutch artist known only as A. Boogert created this masterpiece 271 years BEFORE Pantone ever thought of a “color of the year” and the marketing and merchandising possibilities that one color could yield. Boogert’s 800 page hand-made book details how to mix colors, hues and shades created by adding 1,2, or 3 parts of water. The book was created as an educational guide with a loosely translated title from medieval french as Treaty of colors used to water paint. 

Erik Kwakkel, a medieval book historian in the Netherlands, discovered the presence of the book on a french library database earlier this year.

The entire book is available in high resolution images on this site – eCorpus

The book is currently housed at the Bibliothèque Méjanes in Aix-en-Provence, France and Erik Kwakkel has written that the book is just beginning to be studied by art historians and will be the subject of a doctoral dissertation from the Netherlands to be published in 2015.

The book has been discussed on art forums, yahoo groups and displayed on art sites such as colossal and gizmodo.

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