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New 2016 classes, workshops, retreats + a new on-line Jacqueline class !

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on March 21st, 2016


See Jacqueline’s calendar on this website for all her 2016 classes and her new on-line art class !

Jacqueline will be teaching in her home state of Ohio, in near-by Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky AND traveling to Alberta Canada and California. In between she will be visiting the Shake Rag School of Arts in Mineral Point Wisconsin. And Jacqueline is taking her teaching talents to the on-line world presenting The Magic of Mixed Media, a 4 week art workshop beginning April 25, 2016.

Jacqueline’s calendar has links to all the sites where she is teaching for more information about the workshop including registration details. Still have questions ? feel free to contact Jacqueline directly at jacquelinesullivan@mac.com


Creativity as a Practice

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on July 13th, 2013

I tell my students all the time. “Creativity is a practice”. Much like playing a musical instrument, or playing on a sports team, practice is required. Sister Corita Kent said “The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It’s the people who do all of the work all of the time who eventually catch on to things.”

So, I know the drill.  But saying it, reading it and living it are very different animals! This week was proof of that. I have been away from the studio for a couple of weeks. A lot because of travel and general weariness, but there was house hunting and doc appointments, office work and ….well you know…sometimes life just gets in the way.

So, a few evenings ago, I made an appointment with a friend to come over and “play” with me in the studio. This is one of my tools that I use to break out of the non-creative mode. If I have an appointment with someone else, I will keep it. An appointment with myself – well, not so much. So D came over and I set us up with the materials for the project at hand and we started to paint. Hers were beautiful! Mine were less than. And the more I played with them the worse they got. That will teach me not to practice!

The next day, I went to the studio to view the disasters and to start on a commission piece. I was dreading the commission, knowing that the muse had been totally absent the evening before. And I was tired, really tired both from frustration and lack of sleep. But I decided that I would at least get the colors “roughed in” on the commission and see what happened from there. This is a large piece – a semi realistic piece  – I will write more about it in future posts. So I mixed up a batch of the first color and started slathering on the paint – THE COLOR WAS PERFECT! Wow, I was off to a good start. And then I started on the second color, and it too, was perfect. And then I started adding some tints and tones and some glazes of other colors into the area. My strokes were energetic, in spite of my tiredness, and the area was sizing up very nicely. I was thinking “How is this happening? I am bone tired and yet I can literally feel the energy in these paint strokes.” And the answer was, “I am in the zone”. The previous evening was just a warm up exercise for better things to come.

So, the point? Try not to get too discouraged when nothing comes out of the end of the brush but a bunch of ugliness. There is art in there. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of time and effort, and, oh yes, practice to tap into it!

Keep Creating!!! I am off to the studio for the remainder of the day – phone off, stereo on, pure creative heaven!



Still time to create those special holiday cards……

Posted by: Jacqueline Sullivan on November 17th, 2012

{this continues an article first published in Jacqueline’s Nov- Dec 2012 Studio Letter }



One of my very favorite ways to make a unique, personal and very special greeting card is what I call “Random Collage Cards”. It is a way to make a collage without a plan and they always come out beautiful! These cards are easy to create in batches once you have the full page collage made. Buying pre-cut blank greeting cards can save time too. And if you fear running out of time for creating those special Xmas or Hanukkah greetings  – these collage cards work equally well for New Years Greetings. See the Nov/Dec 2012 Studio Letter for my favorite quote resources for a wealth of words to make these cards treasured gifts for the special people in your life.

Here’s what I do……

I start with an 8.5” x 11” piece of colored card stock as a base. The reason I choose a color is so that if some of it happens to show through, it is still attractive.  I then proceed to cover this entire page with bits and pieces of colored, metallic and decorative papers. This is a perfect way to use that collection of paper that you been saving but were never quite sure for what !

I tear and cut the papers into irregularly shaped pieces of various sizes – most under about  1 ½”  and glue them down to the card stock. I use a glue stick – preferably UHU brand  – it is fast – easy – not very messy and you probably have a few sticks tucked away!

For the holidays I would choose holiday colors like red and green or blue and silver. But be free and let some other colors sneak in. This is the perfect time to use up some small bits of old music, maps and/or dictionary pages. It’s also a good place to use metallic candy wrappers and other foiled type papers. How about all those beautiful little pieces of Chrismas and winter time wrapping paper?  What additions they would make to the random beauty  of these collage sheets! Once everything is glued down I go over it with a brayer or rolling pin to make sure that all of the edges are down tight. I then wrap the sheet in waxed paper and put it under weights (books are good for this) and let it dry for a few hours.

Once I am sure that it is dry, I turn it over, so that I cannot see the collage part.  Working like this, from the back of the sheet, I start cutting it down. I like to use squares and rectangles in my card designs, so usually I will choose a couple of sizes of squares and start cutting.. The card pictured is made with 1” squares.  I have made some cards with just one 2” x 3” rectangle mounted on colored card stock and I have grouped up to nine squares (as shown) to form a design on the front of a card. You’ll note on the sample I have added metallic swirls and a message in gold paint marker. Embellish to your ‘arts content – save small pieces of paper to decorate your holiday greeting envelope too.

I usually cut my cards to fit into an A-6 size envelope.  I cut my card stock to 6 ¼” by 9” which when folded gives me a 4 ½” x 6 ¼” card which fits in an A-6 envelope. I buy my A-6 envelopes from Hollos Papercraft.  Hollos’ large facility is located in Brunswick Ohio [a little south of Cleveland]. I make a field trip there about once a year to stock up on card stock and envelopes. It is the best place that I have found. Their website says “limited mail order availability”  but I am sure that if you have a particular color and size of envelope in mind they can accommodate you. They sell the envelopes both by the box and individually. They also have some sets of colored card stocks with matching envelopes.  Many of your craft stores now have sets of cards and envelopes that you can use as well.

Also don’t miss Chris’ article in the Nov/Dec 2012 Studio Letter detailing my favorite card making resources and supplies. {Resources article also available in the adjacent blog post}

Peace & Joy,


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